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RangeTime’s premier target shooting and scoring app lets you accurately score targets, challenge your friends, and save time on the range. RangeTime uses AI recognition to score any target giving the user’s distance from the aim point, grouping, and MOA. The shot log allows users to save and recall previous target scores, and the RangeTime challenge feature allows users to challenge friends from anywhere in the world. Download the RangeTime app, spend some time shooting on the range, and start scoring your targets today!

Who We Are

RangeTime was created by a gun enthusiast, for gun enthusiasts. Our goal is to help firearm and shooting enthusiasts enhance their skills by scoring targets and engaging in friendly competition. All you need is the app, any target, and any gun!



The free version of the RangeTime app includes scoring for target shooting. The premium version of RangeTime offers several features to make it the best gun enthusiast app, including target scanning, a shot log to store all targets scored, and the ability to challenge others to a shooting competition.


Compete with your friends! Specify a firearm, distance, caliber, and other details and send the challenge to your friends. Once they’ve accepted, the RangeTime app will calculate the target shooting scoring results and let you know who is the best shot!


Coming soon! Our competitive shooting leaderboards show the top shooters currently using the RangeTime app to log their shots. With our unique, automatic target shooting scoring system, users can challenge friends and compete with other gun enthusiasts no matter where they are!


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RangeTime is a mobile app for iPhone and Android that can scan any rifle or pistol target and provide a score. The score includes distance from bullseye, grouping, and MOA.

The initial features for the RangeTime app include target scanning and scoring, a shot log, and the ability to challenge your friends and others on our competitive shooting leaderboards. This wide range of features makes RangeTime one of the most versatile shooting apps available.

Scores are computed by measuring the distance from bullet holes to the aimpoint. Starting with 10 every inch from the aimpoint is a point deduction. Bullseye is 10 points, 1 to 2 inches from aim point is 9 points. 2 to 3 points aim point is 8 points, and so on. The tiebreaker is the average distance from aimpoint.


RangeTime app is committed to being the premier firearms, shooting, and target scoring app. Please reach out to us with suggestions and comments, and don't hesitate to send us your targets that don’t meet your expectations of the target scan feature. 

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