What is the RangeTime target app?

RangeTime is a mobile app for iPhone and Android that can scan any rifle or pistol target and provide a score. The score includes distance from bullseye, grouping, and MOA.

What features does it offer?

The initial features for the RangeTime app include target scanning and scoring, a shot log, and the ability to challenge your friends and others on our competitive shooting leaderboards. This wide range of features makes RangeTime one of the most versatile shooting...

How does it compute my score?

Scores are computed by measuring the distance from bullet holes to the aimpoint. Starting with 10 every inch from the aimpoint is a point deduction. Bullseye is 10 points, 1 to 2 inches from aim point is 9 points. 2 to 3 points aim point is 8 points, and so on. The...

Can I use any target?

Yes, RangeTime was designed so friends did not need matching targets. The game is closest to the bullseye and all targets can be used.