May 28, 2022
——— By Asher

Rangetime Target Shooting App for iPhone and Android

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Welcome to Rangetime, the premiere firearm mobile app. Rangetime was created in Austin, TX by Asher Hirshberg, an engineer. During the downturn in the energy sector, Asher was laid off. While looking for new work Asher began using his free time to take pistol lessons and improve his shooting. Asher realized he had no way of quantifying his improvement on the range. There was no mobile app that could give him a quick score on his precision, accuracy, and improvement. Also, he missed shooting with his friends that now live in different states. It was these problems that became the catalyst for creating the Rangetime app. The only app that allows you to shoot any target and have it scored and saved just by using a quarter and your phone.

The Rangetime app allows users to shoot any type of target and have the grouping and average distance from point of aim calculated. Once this is calculated you can save your shots to a shot log that will save all your targets and challenge friends. We are also looking forward to giving our users statistical data and a click calculator for sighting in your scope.

Competitive Shooters

Challenges work by using range times universal scoring system which is based on closest to the bullseye. A bullseye is 10 points an inch from the bullseye is 9 points, 2 inches away is 8 points. If you are a 1/10 of an inch away it is 9.9 points, 2/10 of an inch away is 9.8 points. The point numbers, lines and graphics on the target do not matter just how far you are from where you were aiming.

Firearms Training Tool

The Rangetime app is an excellent training tool to see your improvement over time, because it allows you to save all your targets. No more taking your targets home and digging through a pile of them for reference. Just open the app and find your target with all the details of how well you shot.

Make it a Gift for New Shooters, Young Shooters and All Gun Lovers

The Rangetime app makes target shooting and scoring more productive and enjoyable. It is a great gift for gun lovers, enthusiasts and especially new gun owners. Young shooters also love the app because of its ability to challenge friends from all over the USA.
Rangetime is just beginning and is eager to hear from its users about what they like improved or corrected on the app. Please do not hesitate to contact us at We greatly appreciate and desire your input and suggestions.

Thank you.
– Asher

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