June 13, 2022
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RangeTime with Suppressors

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The ATF is finally accepting e-forms and the wait time for a suppressor is now 1 day to 132 days according to silencershop.com. Big thank you to American Suppressor Association for their work on this. believe this will result in a boom for the suppressor industry and I couldn’t be happier about it. I would also like to talk about my experience buying suppressors. I bought my first suppressor when I was in engineering school in Colorado. I had watched the youtube videos of what shooting with a suppressor would be like to shoot but I still had expectations of movie quality sound suppression. I was wrong but still happy.

The paper form 4 trust

My process of purchasing the suppressor began with making a gun trust. I used a lawyer Douglas Turner of Rocky Mountain Gun Trust to make the trust. This was considerably more money than the trusts available on silencer shop. I went to him because his office was by my engineering school in Golden, CO. Once the trust was completed, I purchased my suppressor on silencershop.com. Then I waited for ten months for the suppressors to be sent to an FFL in Denver, CO.

Shooting with suppressors

Shooting my suppressor was an experience. I had purchased a surefire RC and a AAC Element 2. I am left-handed and at this time had no handgun or rifle training. My first shots from my S&W M&P 15 Sport sent gas and carbon shooting into my face. I shot my Surefire suppressor that day and hardly shot it again. A year ago I bought a JP adjustable gas block and JP silent capture system and it has made a world of difference. I enjoy shooting my suppressed AR now. When it comes to sound suppression the rifle went from really loud to loud. But sound suppression is not the main goal of the suppressor. Garand Thumb has a great youtube video going over in details of the suppressor. 

I like my surefire suppressor I love my Silencerco octane 45 and AAC element 22 suppressors. Using the Rangetime app I could measure how much my suppressors increases my accuracy and precision. The biggest and nicest part of shooting a suppressed pistol is the lack of muzzle jump. I have let many people that admire my suppressor shoot them at the range. All of them are amazed by how little kick my 40 cal has with it on. My 22 suppressor with subsonic ammo is silly quiet and great for kids learning how to shoot. The one warning I will give about suppressors is to be sure to make sure they don’t loosen up. My Silencerco octane needs to be tightened up around 2 times after 10 shots to stop from getting a baffle strike. I learned this the hard way. Good news is if you get a baffle strike it is very easy to have it fixed if the serialized piece is not damaged. I recently saw the result of not tightening the suppressor after a few shots. My friend was having issues sighting in his scope after it appeared being zeroed. Then his Dead Air Sandman went flying about 10 yards down range. Luckily Dead Air customer service has been very good about replacing the hit baffles.

I cannot recommend purchasing and using suppressors enough especially with silencershop.com having kiosks all over the country and the speed e-forms are being processed. Be sure to factor in buying the proper accessories. Adjustable gas blocks, threaded barrels, heavy buffers and buffer springs make a huge difference. Make the proper changes to you firearm and you will love shooting suppressed.

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